5 ways to reconnect with your team in Bintan Island in 2018

With a new year comes a new start! What better time to set new goals and resolutions for your team than now? Whether it’s working on 2018 priorities, bonding with new staff or reconnecting with existing staff, there’s so much you can do.
We all love New Year’s resolutions but let’s be realistic, it is also hard to stick to them all year long and to keep thinking out of the box.That’s why connecting with your team is key to ensuring they will be able to carry and implement those new ideas hand to hand with you. So why not get out of the office and try something new?

Here, we show you five ways in which you can reconnect with your team in our recently renovated resort just 55 minutes away from Singapore, Club Med Bintan Island. Dive into this oasis of well-being, re-discover brand new meetings rooms, get great team-building and mostly get ready for a fun ride in 2018!

1. Think well: Revive creativity in aspirational and natural surroundings

We all want to be creative in our daily tasks but with familiar surroundings and little time, this may not be the priority. However, trying new things makes us a little more creative than usual and is a valued skill to develop leadership.
With a good balance of surrounding greenery and newly renovated facilities such as modern meetings rooms and open convivial spaces outdoor or indoor, Club Med Bintan Island is the perfect setting to run workshops, meetings, events and conferences.

And sometimes, it’s during the coffee break that the best ideas are made! With energy-walls, finger food and hot and cold beverages available, there’s enough food to fuel your brain!

2. Move well: Engage your team with sports activities

Did you know exercising can boost productivity? It may be hard to find time with your team to regularly exercise but in Club Med Bintan Island, there’s no excuse!

With a resort centered on wellness, your team is encouraged to participate in a wide choice of activities and to tick off some of the must-try experiences. Whether you have extraverts or introverts in your team, there’s something for everyone and nothing is imposed. From the unique experience of twilight trapeze under the watchful guidance of G.Os to a relaxing yoga session by the sea, you can boost up adrenaline or find your balance.

The runners and golfers will also be in their element! Bintan Island offers some of the best sights and trails to keep fit and active with the newly created G.O runner activity. And the resort is next door to one of the best Golf Course in Asia, Ria Bintan Golf Club, an 18-hole ocean course, and 9-hole forest course.

3. Feel Well: Take a break and rejuvenate

It’s also important to slow down between activities and reconnect with yourself. Let your team find a new zen with a wide selection of activities from meditation to Yoga or Pilates classes at the newly refurbished Yoga Palapa, overlooking beautiful ocean views.

Feeling well can also be found in little everyday pleasures: a nap in the hammock with an ocean view, a spa treatment* at the hill-top spa after a well-filled day, a fresh pressed juice at the juice bar on the beach...your team can truly treat themselves from morning to evening - after all, they’ve deserved it!

4. Eat well: A happy gut is a happy brain

Let your team eat their way to happiness with a wide choice of food and drinks available at Club Med Bintan Island. Here as well, there’s something for everyone between a main restaurant, a specialty restaurant and four bars – welcoming from 120 to 450 people.
Sip on Bintan Island’s fresh slow press juices at the Matahari Beach Bar, stop by our dedicated healthy corner with well-balanced meal options or just create exceptional moments over a private dinner* at The Terrasse specialty restaurant. With so many local and international flavours, every palate in your team will love it.

5. Play well: Bond with your team in the name of fun
What better way to wrap up each day with your team then with a bit of fun? Between the endless choices of land or watersports offered after meetings, open bars, different themes for every night and evening shows – your team will look forward to a fun-filled evening!

End the night at the bar for a cocktail or two under the stars and forge camaraderie within your team.

Interested in reconnecting with your team in Club Med Bintan Island? request a quote here.

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