Discover why Bintan Island is the perfect cutting-edge event destination

When it comes to your next event or conference, it's important to choose a destination that truly has the 'wow' factor. The newly redesigned Club Med Bintan Island is the perfect location: with brand new facilities for groups, opportunities for employees to rejuvenate, and located just a short ferry ride from Singapore, you'll find a modern destination that ticks all the boxes.
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Location matters

Bintan Island is just a one-hour ferry ride from the international business hub of Singapore,making it the most convenient resort for exclusive events and conferences. You can enjoy the ease and accessibility of a world-class city, while still being on a beautiful island with all facilities available to work and relax.

Inspire in brand new facilities…

Teams can reunite and enjoy state-of-the-art facilities with comprehensive packages adapted to their needs.Up to 200 delegates can enjoy the beautiful Bintan Island’s conference facilities whether it’s for a specific event, a team-building getaway or a well-deserved break while planning for the next big quarter.

The brand new conference centre is perfect for teams to work in a clear, clean and creative environment. Everything is made to boost collaboration and ideas with innovative solutions such as new energy walls with drinks, snacks and chargers, interactive booths, fresh juice available, new coffee corners and new lounges.

...and rejuvenate with wellness activities!

In between work sessions, guests can enjoy relaxing activities or give a try to new sports. Between a yoga session by the sea, an afternoon on Asia’s best golf course or a trapeze activity at twilight, there is so much to try and opportunities to rejuvenate.
All of activities can be reserved exclusively for team building exercises. A must for companies to build stronger ties and come back resources and inspired from their efforts.
Employees can also enjoy and revive at Bintan Island spa after a full day of work and activities, the ideal way to rejuvenate on a work trip.

Too many perks to not satisfy everyone

Of course organizing an event or conference can be quite stressful as everyone has their own preferences, schedule and opinions.

Nestled between turquoise water, Club Med Bintan Island offers plenty of options to fit for everyone’s needs. The all-inclusive package will fit all employees with access to all conference facilities, a wide choice of food and catering options, open bar, accommodation, activities and entertainment. And finally, our multi-lingual G.O.s team is dedicated to help guests with anything they need during their stay.

For an innovative and rejuvenating conference or event, Bintan Island is the perfect location.

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