We asked MICE specialists about their ideal events

At the recent AIME event, we asked the MICE industry opinion leaders about their dream event. We asked for the craziest ideas, the events that they could imagine only in their dreams…and we have a winner:

Congratulations to Leisa from Pardot for suggesting so many great ideas for a unique event in the Finolhu Villas:

- Formal transfers are tasteless, let’s skydive to the resort!
- Please use the white sand beach and the turquoise waters to play: cricket, bubble soccer, windsurf parachute… No way to get bored in the Maldives
- Sharing is caring : invite the ones in need to enjoy the team activities as CSR is at the core of the company
- Well-deserved cocktails served by the pool or beach, always included at Club Med
- Karaoke night under the stars to finish the day

Top 3 destinations

The top 3 destinations where you would organize your dream event are all among Club Med’s most beautiful properties.

Without any surprise the Finolhu Villas are the preferred resort when it comes to organizing a dream event. Indeed, at the Finolhu Villas, everything is at its best: could you find something more inspiring for your teams than enjoying a breathtaking sunset with a sip of refined wine in their private pool in front of their private overwater villas?

The surprise came from the second preferred resort: the originality and authenticity of the French Alps seduced the event planners. With an amazing view of snowy landscapes and a wide range of activities, Valmorel is also a perfect destination for foodies as it offers unique culinary experiences involving the best French cheeses and delicious matching wines.

Top 3 concepts

More privacy, being able to take control of everything from the gourmet menu to the activity calendar, having the entire resort exclusively reserved for you…
The big majority of answers picked the “Rent a resort” concept as the best way to build a dream event. With the Club Med unique rent a resort concept, no matter if you are looking at a wedding, a conference or an incentive, you can take over an entire Club Med resort and design the most memorable event for your guests.

Among the other answers, conferences and incentives remained the most popular ones but there is an undeniable interest rise for other types of events such as snow packages or weddings (soon to be launched by the Meeting and Events team).

You dreamed of it... Club Med can make it happen

"Guest are welcomed at dinner on the beach with drummers and fire dancers..."

"A adult-only children birthday party (...) with trapeze and circus classes."

Other interesting ideas to keep in mind

- Amazing race style teambuilding
- Beach dinner dressed in white or wearing casual clothes
- Chocolate fountains (good news: already exists in many Club Med resorts)
- Igloo party and ice bars in the snow
- Swimming with dolphins or sharks
- Scuba dives dressed in diner suits
- Build sailing traditional canoe
- Opera evening in the resort
- Local finest food whether it is fresh fish in the Maldives or delicious cheeses in France
- Arrive in the resort in a seaplane

A big thank you to the many participants and please feel free to contact Club Med if you wish to organize your dream event for real.

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Finolhu Villas - Maldives
600 800 435
Opio En Provence - France
210 470 310
Bintan Island - Indonesia
30 827 416
Valmorel - France
559 259
La Plantation d'Albion - Mauritius
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