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Located in Hainan Island in the southernmost point of China, Sanya is an award-winning tourism destination nested on a vibrant yet relaxing tropical island of rich cultural roots and spectacular scenery. Thanks to a tropical climate all year long, Sanya offers golden sand beaches and luxurious gardens.

1. What is Sanya famous for that we might not know about?
Definitely the local, fresh and authentic food offerings, in particular the famous Hanian chicken, fresh seafood and unique tropical fruit. It is also home to the Chinese Olympic Beach Volley ball team

2. What makes Club Med Sanya unique?
Club Med Sanya is the FIRST Club Med, anywhere in the world, to produce its own fresh beer right here, on site, at the resort!


Sanya is a trending destination for groups as it is easily accessible: the resort is just 15 min away from the international airport. Club Med Sanya offers multiple conference rooms equipped with top-level meeting facilities cater to groups of all sizes and a ball room that can welcome up to 800 guests.

3. What type of groups are coming to Sanya and why?
Companies are coming for their higher profile events such as Annual kick-Offs, Product Launches, Signings and Top Incentive Trips to reward their staff with beach cocktails and private dinners, while giving them the opportunity to relax and enjoy a wide range of activities to suit all employee’s needs.
In such a beautiful tourist destination we are also getting a lot of interest from groups looking to do filming or run conventions within the tourism industry.
The final major attraction is weddings. In the coming month we will be offering a range of beautiful weddings to suit everyone’s needs.

4. Why would you bring a group to Sanya?
Convenience is a high point, with Sanya being easy to access from anywhere in the world with many international flights per day,
Sanya offers a great authentic Chinese experience with cultural tours and amazing local cuisine
All whilst still having your tropical beach experience


James is the meeting and events manager at Club Med Sanya. He comes from Brisbane and graduated with a bachelor of International Business and speaks Chinese fluently. After one year in Cherating, James is now in Sanya since its opening. .

5. What has been the highlight of Sanya so far?
The Grand Opening in April was definitely the highlight of Sanya so far. All the glitz & and glamour combined with a new, modern, high-tech feel! Truly Amazing!

6. What do you like about your role ?
The thing I enjoy about taking care of groups is that I get to work with the groups throughout the entire process: working with our head office and clients in planning and preparation all the way through to implementation and waving goodbye at the end.
I enjoy the variety of working with companies from all over the world and the daily variety of new experiences means there is something new happening every day.

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